Akon Gets Freaky With 14 Year Old!

What's up with R & B Thugs and 14 year old girls?
Akon wants to "Smack That"
Akon wants to "Smack That"

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee while preparing to give a sermon at your church. Then imagine doing-so after your 14-year old daughter is caught on tape with her legs wrapped around a well known r&b singer as he thrusts on top of her like his last conjugal visit before he sits on the chair.

Last week in Trinidad, Akon “danced” very aggressively with a 14-year old girl while a hyped up crowd cheered them on. The dancing looked more like a porno movie re-enactment than any dances I’ve seen at the club and it was all caught on tape.

The young lady’s father, Pastor Dave Alleyne of the Flaming Word Ministry of Chaguanas is outraged about the way in which he feels his daughter was taken advantage of. The dance has many members of Alleyne’s church highly upset and wanting Akon to be banned from performing in public.

According to Pastor Alleyne, his daughter had won a contest along with six other girls picked to dance on stage with the widely popular r&b star from Senegal. That means its possible that Akon could have known these girls were fairly young even if they might not have appeared that way. Because of the uproar, there are rumors that charges may be filed.


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