Raz B Forced To Apologize By Compton Bloods!?

Former B2K member does a complete 180… why?

Anyone who has seen the video where Raz B alleges Chris Stokes molested him were probably surprised when it appeared he took a complete 180 when Stokes threatened to hit him with a lawsuit.  How could he seem so bothered to the point he’s calling members of Marques Houston’s family and taping conversations where he is talking about being molested and then act as though it was just a stupid video that was leaked to the internet without his permission?

Now Raz B’s brother, Ricky Romance who backed his brother’s claims told MTV that his brother was forced to apologize on camera by the Compton Bloods.  He says that Chris Stokes paid the Bloods to coerce Raz B into denying the allegations.  According to Ricky, Chris Stokes wants to have them offed.

I’m not going to say that any of this is true, but something seems kind of fishy right?  I mean, lying to the world about being molested by a man as a child is not exactly the same as lying to the homies about gettin bizzy with the baddest chick in school.

Stokes has come on record as saying he is not gay, not a molestor and that he owes it to his wife and kids to sue [Raz B and Ricky Romance].

E Jizza, the CEO of JMC Entertainment, Raz B and Ricky Romance’s management group just went on the record saying:

“I’ve been quiet but not any longer. This story is just developing, if you don’t remember I’M the CEO of Ricky, and Raz outside company JMC Management Group. RAZ WAS FORCED INTO THAT APOLOGY AND TRUST ME THIS S**T IS DEEP. If you take a close look at the video he couldn’t even look at the lens this was some street shit. But will be handle the proper way. Like Ricky said in the letter chris stokes is like a gay version of Suge Knight. Best way to say it if that makes sense. Get ready the F**k Chris Stokes Campaign is just getting started. It’s 100% true. Chris can’t find me!”

Listen to Ricky Romance’s radio interview below:

Does this video look coerced??

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