Suge Knight Suing Kanye

Remember when Suge Knight got shot at a party 3 years ago?

Neither do I.  But Kanye certainly does because it has been brought tho his attention through a recent lawsuit filed by the man who dangled Vanilla Ice over a balcony.

Former Hip-Hop mogul Suge Knight is suing rapper/producer Kanye West, blaming the Chicago superstar for damages that resulted from a nightclub shooting three years ago. In August 2005, Knight was shot in the right leg at Kanye’s pre-MTV Video Music Awards party at the Shore Club, located in Miami. Initially some speculated that Knight accidentally shot himself, but that claim was later refuted after eyewitnesses confirmed that at least six shots were fired during the incident. The assailant was never apprehended. Knight, who sought bankruptcy protection in 2006, filed the lawsuit against Kanye West on October 30. In it, Knight claims West is culpable in the crime since the shooter was able to get past the party’s security with a deadly weapon.

Additionally, Knight alleges that he not only suffered blood loss, but also lost a diamond stud earring valued at $135,000, and had to take a private jet back to California. Knight is seeking damages from West which includes medical expenses from the shooting and mental anguish for “the loss of use and enjoyment of the earring.” While Knight is still under bankruptcy protection, the courts have allowed him to retain a portion of any proceeds awarded from the lawsuit.

Suge, I guess you got to do whatever makes you money playa!

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