Shyne’s Release From Prison Delayed


Shyne is oh so close to finally getting out of the joint and moving one step closer to punching Diddy square in his eye but he’s just hit a major road block.

Shyne was scheduled to be released yesterday, October the 6th, but is now being placed on hold pending review.


The former Bad Boy  had served nine years of a 10-year sentence in connection with a shooting at a New York nightclub in 2001 involving Diddy, then known as Puffy, and Puffy’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

His release is on hold while officials determine whether or not Shyne should be deported back to Belize, the country where he was born.  His immigration status is trying to be determined before being released.

Damn!  That’s crazy! A Lot of cats were looking forward to Shyne’s release and it would suck if this man was deported before he could settle all accounts.  I don’t know about Shyne’s rap career, if whether or not he can bounce back from this nine year bid, but he most definitely has to write a book.  A lot of people wants to know what really happened.  This is some make-into-a-movie type material.

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