Is This Guy Too Fat to Kill?

Yes, you read the headline right.  It is not a type-o.  It’s crazy how we live in an…
Too Fat to Kill

Too Fat to KillYes, you read the headline right.  It is not a type-o.  It’s crazy how we live in an age where everyone wants to be treated equally in regards to their race, age, gender, or sexual orientation among a few.  This story right here is why people still feel at times that it’s okay to throw convenient truths out the window when it’s time to save their ass.

This lawyer did just that as he tries to defend his “fat” client from some murder charges levied against him by saying that he’s exactly what he probably doesn’t even perceive himself to be and that is him being fat.   He basically says that his client is TOO fat to possibly kill someone and that anyone with common sense can see that.

The lawyer for a Florida man who claims he’s too fat to have killed his former son-in-law told jurors on Wednesday all they have to do is is look at his client to see that he’s obese, old, and in no condition to commit such a murder.

Prosecutors agreed that Edward Ates is far from fit, but said he’s still capable of methodically planning and executing the killing of Paul Duncsak.

“He’s not running a marathon. I’ll agree he probably can’t do that,” Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Wayne Mello told the jury during closing arguments. “What he can do is execute his son.”

Prosecutors claim Ates drove from his home in Fort Pierce, Fla., to Duncsak’s $1.1 million home in Ramsey, about 25 miles northwest of Manhattan, in August 2006 and shot him as he came home from work. Police quickly suspected Ates and found him 24 hours later at his mother’s home in Sibley, La.

Defense lawyer Walter Lesnevich said his client — age 62 and at least 285 pounds at the time of the murder — didn’t have the energy to run up a staircase, accurately shoot Duncsak, leave before police arrived, then make a 21-hour drive to his mother’s home in order to create an alibi as prosecutors claim.

“Look at him!” Lesnevich told jurors, adding that Ates was 60 pounds heavier at the time of the crime.

I guess drastic times call for drastic measures.  Or apparently this lawyer doesn’t know how easy it is for anyone no matter their size or weight for them to pull the trigger.  The prosecution then countered saying that the killer was hungry and left a Whopper wrapper from Burger King near the body that the victim apparently didn’t eat homself.  They said this almost as if they knew he killed his son-in-law because he’s fat and fat guys like Whoppers.

If this guy truly killed is son-in-law, no matter how it happened, I just hope justice is served and that it comes with a side of onion rings.

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