Creatures of No Conscience and No Value

The South Side of Chicago is infested with creatures so vile and repugnant none dare call them human.

The South Side of Chicago is infested with creatures so vile and repugnant none dare call them human. Or animal. This foul, psychotic species is known for exhibiting certain tendencies, the most notable being an obsessive, compulsive need to ingest “gangsta” rap music and videos, and then act out, in the most violent way, the perverted fantasies depicted within those (for lack of a more accurate term) “songs.” These creatures can be recognized by their garish, gaudy, grotesque and ill-fitting garb. They seem to relish using their bodies as free advertising space for major international corporations, displaying a particular fondness for Nike, any professional/college athletic team/organization, and “lower-tiered” fashion designers (Rocawear, Sean John, etc.). Further verification of their retarded development is evinced by their obvious inability to master the simplest of juvenile functions, such as the proper wearing of pants/trousers. The reasons for this are open to conjecture. Certainly those that behave in the manner just described are unable to articulate the reasons for their actions, as self-expression and public speaking are tools the creatures have yet to master. The vast majority cannot express themselves in any coherent manner despite their apparent appreciation of an (alleged) “art form” heavily dependent on public oratory.

Lately, the creatures have “upped” their violent activities to a level so brazen and prolific that even the most veteran observers are nonplussed. Many (so-called) “community leaders”, politicians, law enforcement officials, residents and interested citizens seem to have, in their speech, posture and manner, adopted a resigned persona that is akin to surrender. Indeed, one almost expects them to conduct their press conferences and other public pronouncements while carrying a white flag. The most responsible members of these afflicted communities have fled long ago, having waged a losing battle against those destructive elements in their neighborhood(s). Theirs was a gallant fight, but defeat was destined and inevitable as they received almost no support from the agencies charged with providing assistance and essential services. Viable, employment-producing businesses were also forced to abandon communities where the creatures dwelled, unable to withstand the burglary and vandalism of their properties, and plagued by personal assaults and other violent attacks. Those business currently able to maintain a presence in these highly dysfunctional areas consists (for the most part) of fast food establishments, payday loan outlets, liquor stores, clothing stores and barber and beauty shops. And it is also interesting to note that while these businesses remain, many have actually expressed a desire to leave, and would do so if they were financially able.

The “creature communities” are becoming more readily identifiable not only because of the wanton, senseless violence and crime that permeates them, but also because of the proliferation of boarded-up, foreclosed properties and vacant lots. The foreclosed properties are of a particular concern due to the fact that they provide a “haven” for criminal activity, mainly illegal drug manufacture/sales/use and prostitution. But just as important, these abandoned structures provide “hideouts” for those who may have recently committed a crime. Residents explain that when there is a shooting in the area (a frequent occurrence), the perpetrators are quite likely to seek refuge in an empty foreclosed building. This, however, has been disputed by other community residents who maintain that shooters are just as likely, if not more likely, to find “sanctuary” in the home of an acquaintance or relative. And while a rational person might view this as problematic when it comes to eradicating crime and punishing the perpetrators, the creatures within these communities are not encumbered by any sense of morality, or concept(s) of “right” and “wrong.” Their undeveloped psyche(s), atrophied brains, and deadened senses prevent any improvement in character or even a recognition that their personal growth has been stunted, and in many cases aborted. To explain this phenomena in more easily understood language, the creatures are so stupid, they don’t even know they’re stupid.

The remedies for these issues (assuming they can be remedied) depend upon who is doing the talking. Educators believe a quality education, beginning in pre-school and lasting through (at least) high school, will break the cycle that produces these creatures. Politicians say more jobs and better housing is what is needed. There are those who want to concentrate on sex education and birth control, with the hope that there will be fewer teenage parents. Law enforcement (and some politicians) are adamant in their belief that a more “heavy-handed” police presence and response will do the trick. Religious leaders say Jesus is what is needed, while the more radical folks in the community want to arm the citizenry and try old fashioned vigilantism. And the few stalwart residents that remain in the community think an “all of the above” approach might work. But whatever is done, it is the opinion of many that that any “creature eradication program” will have to come from those within the community. And it will take more than catchy slogans (“Don’t Shoot – I Want To Grow Up”), feel-good campaigns (“Stop The Violence”, “Take Back The Night”), and pronouncements from celebrities and politicians to clean this mess. It will take a commitment on the level of those who participated in the civil rights movement. It will take a unity such as what we witnessed during the campaign and election of President Obama. It will take an unshakable devotion akin to what was displayed during the Million Man March.

It will take you to start caring.

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