Kat Stacks Strikes Again and Calls F.B.I. On NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Over Twitter “Hit”

The internet is getting more and more people in trouble and Carmelo Anthony seems to be the latest…

The internet is getting more and more people in trouble and Carmelo Anthony seems to be the latest celebrity caught up in this twitter/internet madness.

Kat Stacks, famed celebrity groupie and whose 15 minutes of fame keep getting extended for reasons such as this, sent Carmelo a tweet sometime this past weekend making a pass at him.  I don’t see what the problem is. She was just doing her job.  She was just being her normal groupie self.  But anyways…

Carmelo’s wife La La didn’t like this obviously and took exception to the tweet and called Kat Stacks out on it.  An argument pursued between the both of them and so naturally the hubby steps in.  But this is where Carmelo went wrong.  He tweeted out a hit on Kat Stacks that if anyone were to slap her that he had $5,000 on it.   The tweet was as follows:

I got 5k for whoever see @ihatekatstacks and slap the s**t out her pigeon face a**. Real talk. U f****d with the right one now

He even went as far as to take a picture of the “hit” money and tweeted it to all of his followers letting them know that he was serious about getting back at Kat.

It was all fun and games until Kat Stacks apparently contacted the cops about the hit and now the F.B.I. may be getting involved (according to her).  Here are her actual tweets below.

I can understand being upset and all, but Kat Stacks is a pro when it comes to setting people up.  Soulja Boy knows this, Chopper and Bow Wow knows this, and Carmelo and La La should have known this.  Who in the industry hasn’t been set up by Kat Stacks?  But that’s besides the point.  Who puts out a hit on the inernet when it’s so easy to trace especially when you have a few hundred thousand followers on twitter?

But there’s more to this story.  Now Carmelo is claiming that his twitter account was hacked and that those tweets weren’t him.  How convenient.  It seems like he took a page right out of Santonio Holmes’ playbook.

On his twitter page, he recently tweeted.

Im back on! My account was hacked.Thanks twitter for getting me str8. Jst finished my first movie in China now im headed back to the States

Though Carmelo says his twitter account was hacked, his wife, Lala Vasquez, tweeted that “okay my husband is on a twitter roll right now” an hour after she began arguing with Kat Stacks on Twitter.  One would think that Anthony realized that by offering people money online to smack someone, he was committing a crime after his tweet, and is trying do distance himself from the tweet.

What do you guys think?

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