Brand New Website is Trying to Become “Google” to the Dining Community

Let’s say that you want to take your woman to some place nice to eat.  Someplace different and…

Let’s say that you want to take your woman to some place nice to eat.  Someplace different and new.  Some place that isn’t an established franchise as say an Olive Garden or a Red Lobster.  Where would you start?

With today’s technology, many people just simply turn to the internet, Google in particular, and search for restaurants in their area that may pertain to what they’re looking for.  Google is great and all, and Lord knows that I use them on a daily basis, probably dozens of times on average, but one thing that I’ve noticed over the years in particular when searching for a restaurant is that all you see is still photos and you never truly get a vibe of a place before you go.

For someone searching for a new restaurant, this could turn them away from going for obvious reasons.  They don’t know the ambience, they don’t know the setting, or simply put…the pictures of the restaurants are wack.

Well known franchises would never have this problem because no matter where you go in America, every Red Lobster is pretty much the same.   Every Olive Garden is pretty much the same.  Every McDonald’s is the same.  That’s why I found to be very interesting, because their site is showing people the inside of these lesser known restaurants through video and online interactions with the restaurant owners and customers. strives to bridge the gap bewteen the online and real worlds so that the viewers have a better feel of the place and so that the restaurant owners has another tool for increasing business.

Site owner, Folaji Fadeyibi, states on his site that he “wanted to create a website that gives the people what they’re looking for when searching for a restaurant”  He also “wants to give them a wonderful dining experience before they even step foot in the restaurant.”  He uses video presentations to help transfer the consumer from the “virtual” restaurant to the real one in addition to the promotions and coupons that the restaurant themselves may be offering through site such as “Buy one get one free” and other deals of that nature.

So whenever you plan to search for your next restaurant, try booking your meal with first and “see” for yourself what you’re getting yourself into before you dine out and save a little money while you’re at it.

Here’s a video that they have on their site breaking down the offer that they bring to the Restaurant Owners’ attention.

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