Blame the Tea Party For ‘The Rent is Too Damn High!’ Party

The Rent is Too Damn High's Jimmy McMillan

The Rent is Too Damn High's Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan, became an overnight sensation after this weeks 1st and only New York State Gubernatorial debate. And what did it take to accomplish this? Just a single slogan – “RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!” And just like that, he’s in.


It’s not surprising, though. In many ways we should credit the Tea Party for making Jimmy McMillian possible – no, really! I am political polar opposite of my Tea Party friends (which I do have and I suggest you make a few too). Truly, I’m a bleeding heart liberal, if ever there was one, but before the Tea Party came along, average Joe candidates with simple, catchy slogans like “RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!” or “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!” were not even anomalies, they were impossibilities. The closest we came to these candidates was Ross Perot, but even he was a billionaire.

But in today’s America, a gathering storm of recession, sensationalism and media insatiability makes these candidates real possibilities. What began with the Tea Party is finally beginning to spread and carries with it the power to create “game changers” and “king makers” that upset the two party power structure in this country, and that is very much needed.

In the end, will we see Jimmy McMillan in the NY Governor’s mansion? Well, it’s not likely – although anything is possible with GOD. That said, it is more likely that Jimmy McMillian will wind up with his own syndicated radio show, or better yet he may wind up with his own MSNBC show using a chalk board to connect the sky-rocketing rent prices to a multi-national plot to take over America…

As it turns out, Jimmy McMillian himself is not paying rent and the media narrative is that he’s somehow a hypocrite. But squarely in his defense, he couldn’t afford to pay his $800 a month rent, so his landlord allowed him to work in the building instead – the barter system… That said, I’d further remind us that Dick Cheney sent our boys to Iraq, but got 5 deferments to avoid going to Vietnam… And probably 90% or the pro war folks in congress and on TV/radio never served either.


You can read about that report here.

And just in case you haven’t seen the video that has everyone talking, you can check that out here.


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