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Software Testing: Is It Essential?

If you’re in the business of application and software development, whether it be for mobile devices, computer systems, or even web applications - delivering high quality, functional, bug-free, and intuitive software is likely your ultimate goal.
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VR and its impact on Soccer

Sport isn’t pushing these developments, but some of the more innovative teams have started to adopt virtual reality in some ways into their team training and match reviews.
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3 Problems PLM Software Can Solve

Today’s retail market is in constant flux, and staying on top of current trends while continuing to meet customer expectations and demands can be difficult.
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India has just confirmed its full-fledged focus on the tech industry

In a recent decision to make acute financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic less stressful for the companies operating in the STPI CEnters across India, the official New Delhi has announced it will waive off the rent that’s being paid by the IT and ITeS companies from March 1, 2020, till June 30, 2020 - a total of four months.