The Greatest Games Set in Asia

Both the largest continent by landmass and population, it’s no surprise that Asia is the setting for some of the best video games in the world. Whether it’s the spooky folklore of Japan, the historical beauty of India, or the colourful traditions of China, there is such a rich tapestry of culture and landscape that has inspired these games. We’ve created a rundown of some of the games that prove that Asia has so much diversity to offer as a game setting. 

Fatal Frame

Japan is famous for its output of horror games and Fatal Frame really is one of the best. Set in 1980s Japan, you’re thrust into the game with nothing but your trusty camera. It’s up to you to find your way around a creepy house that is filled to the brim with terrifying ghosts, each based on a story from Japanese folklore. The ghosts are terrifying but fascinating, as you unveil the stories of each, take some time to notice the incredible detail that has been paid to their image. It’s this attention to detail and stunning graphic style that has made Fatal Frame one of the most beloved horror games of recent years. It’s not just the beautiful graphics though, the game is genuinely difficult. Often horror games don’t spend enough time on making the game a challenge, but Fatal Frame is certainly an exception to the rule. By the way, if you don’t enjoy a jump scare, then this game certainly isn’t for you. 

5 Lions

These video games show the great diversity of the Asian continent

There’s so much to love about Chinese culture, but for many people, their incredible parades will be the thing that stands out the most. It seems that for the makers of the slot, Pragmatic Play, this was certainly the case. So much so, that the studio created 4 sequels to the game that are all available to play on Vegas Slots Online. As for the original 5 Lions, the secret to its success is the way that it encapsulates the excitement of a Chinese festival. On the reels, you’ll find dancing, roaring lions alongside cheeky green and gold frogs, fierce dragons, and the majestic phoenix. Combining this host of interesting characters with an atmospheric soundtrack makes this the ideal slot game for those that want to experience a slice of Chinese festival culture.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India

India has had a long and fascinating past and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India explores that by taking the player all the way back to mid-19th century India, during the time of the British Empire. Those who know a little about the British Empire, or Indian architecture will immediately notice the classic style of the buildings. As always, the makers of Assassin’s Creed have paid incredible attention to detail with the landscape of this game. You’ll be playing Arbaaz Mir a man who wants to steal the famous Kohinoor diamond and along the way rescue his lover. If you enjoy this title then a whole set of expansions like this were released, each set in a different country. 

Tomb Raider 3

There’s barely a person alive who hasn’t heard of Tomb Raider. The whole franchise, from mobile apps to films and back through video games has been such a success that it was inevitable that at least one of the games would be set in Asia. This 1998 release is the third installment in the official video game series and is set in India. Lara Croft is the central character, who is tasked with exploring lots of beautiful but dangerous locations across the globe, in each country searching for magic relics. A stone, intricately carved into the shape of a lizard is the ultimate token from her adventures in this installment, not just because it’s beautiful, but also because it bestows her with the gift of flight.


If Fatal Frame sounded like it might be right up your street, then DreadOut could be another game that you might like. This game is based in Indonesia and centers around a student called Linda. With you to guide her, Linda has to use super modern technology to conquer an army of ancient Indonesian ghosts and even the occasional monster too. She’ll show you ways to use a smartphone that you’d never have thought possible before, but be warned, this is not a game for the faint-hearted. DreadOut has already made the rounds on video sharing sites thanks to its terrifying jump scare tactics. 

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