Victoria’s Secret: “Wild Things” Segment Deemed Racist

Was the Victoria’s Secret “Wild Things” segment an act of racism or simply art?

I’m sure you’ve heard about some of the backlash regarding the segment called “Wild Things” in this past Victoria’s Secret show.  If you haven’t heard, let me update you really quickly.  Victoria’s Secret had a segment in their show called “Wild Things” and they just happened to have all the women of color walk the runway during this portion.  There have been claims that this was a racist thing to do… place all the ethnic people, in the ethnically inspired portion of the show.  Yesterday this became a dinner table topic and everyone stared at me as if I had just miraculously grew a third eye when I said: “I don’t think it’s racist at all.”  Please, pick up your jaw now and continue to read.

Sometimes I think people look for reasons to be offended rather than appreciate the beauty and true inspiration behind any given situation.  Why place all the women of color in the “Wild Things” portion of the show?  Well, because if they placed all the European women in that section,  1. It would be totally unconvincing… that’s like placing a bunch of black people in an old western movie that’s based on a true story.  Think: “Tombstone” the Black edition.  2. If they placed all the European women in that portion of the show, the new controversy would be: “Why couldn’t they put any women of color in that segment?  They’re RACIST!”  When it comes to race, for some reason, everyone is super sensitive and no one is ever satisfied. 

My take on “Wild Things” is someone had a vision.  That someone had a vision of a jungle and like most humans, when we think of jungle, we think of the word “wild”.  I don’t believe that when that segment was named they intended to cast the name upon the models who walked the runway.  It was simply the name of the theme, the setting, the story that they were trying to create.  They even had a segment entitled “Pink” and correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see any pink colored models walking around… I did, however, see a theme of  the product brand “Pink”.

I’m not saying that there were absolutely no racist connotations during the show, but I am saying that I definitely wasn’t sitting there trying to find them.  Let’s face it, the world is full of racism.  It’s a necessary evil in some cases, but until we stop focusing on the finger that is racism… only then will we be able to fully enjoy all the heavenly glory behind it.  Appreciate the art and unless someone outright calls you a racial slur, just brush your shoulders off and keep it moving.  I don’t condone racism at all but I also don’t sweat the small stuff.  Why bash the “Wild Things” segment calling it a racist act?  Did you see the dope tribal paint and in sync dancing?  It was truly a work of art.

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