Get Your Free Burrito From Chipotle!

Want a free Chipotle Burrito?  Well you now have your chance to get one courtesy of NBC. NBC…

Want a free Chipotle Burrito?  Well you now have your chance to get one courtesy of NBC.

NBC just recently launched a promotion offering free Chipotle food for anyone who watches a 90-second promo on Facebook for the upcoming show America’s Next Great Restaurant.

There’s an app on the show’s Facebook Page where, in exchange for watching the promo, visitors get a buy-one, get-one-free coupon at Chipotle. The chain’s founder and CEO, Steve Ells, is one of four investors in the show.

Customers who print out the coupon can get a free Chipotle meal, including a burrito, tacos or a bowl with the purchase of another meal.

This promotion ends March 6.

There’s also another in-store promotion, where anyone who texts “ANGR” (America’s Next Great Restaurant) at any Chipotle location will have a chance to win a catered burrito party.

This is the first time the network has used food to get consumers to watch a show promo and I’m pretty sure that this promotion will definitely work and at least inform people of the show, which I admittedly didn’t know about until I heard the word “free” and “burrito” in the same sentence.

America’s Next Great Restaurant, which premieres March 6, pits 21 contestants against each other as a panel of judges decide whose restaurant concept is the best. The winner gets to launch his or her own restaurant chain.

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