Mindless Behavior

They may only be 13 years old but the members of the group Mindless Behavior ( Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton and Ray Ray), have already released their first hit single ‘My Girl’ and toured with Justin Bieber. Now as they get ready to release their debut album # 1 Girl, the group has been opening for superstar Janet Jackson in twelve cities throughout the US and Canada on her Number Ones Up Close and Personal tour. I caught up with the group after they hit the stage during Janet’s first Radio City Music Hall show in New York City on her current Up Close and Personal tour.

TheUrbanTwist.com: When did you guys first know that you wanted to be performers?
Prodigy: I have to say about two years old
Princeton: Two years old
Ray Ray: Two years old, [after] watching Michael
Roc Royal: Four years old

TheUrbanTwist.com: How did you come together as a group?
Princeton: We all auditioned two years ago. Me and Roc met at a audition with like 600 kids. Prodigy was discovered on Youtube by our choreographer Dave Scott, and Ray Ray auditioned at midnight. After that out managers Keisha Gamble and Walter Millsap took us to Interscope and we were signed to Interscope.

TheUrbanTwist.com: Where did the name Mindless Behavior come from?
Mindless Behavior: It was part of our management Keisha Gamble who started the name.

TheUrbanTwist.com: So ‘My Girl’ is your debut single. How did you get that particular song?
Princeton: We were in our studio, it was late night and then part of our management and our producer Walter Millsap and our songwriter Candice Nelson they sat down with us and told us the concept of the song, and we saw the lyrics and loved it. We can relate because we’re always texting all the time.

TheUrbanTwist.com: Who are some of the producers that you worked with on the album?
Mindless Behavior: Part of our management team and our producer Walter Millsap. We also worked with great producers Polow, Boi-1da, Harold Lily, Candice Nelson our songwriter. It’s a great album.

TheUrbanTwist.com: Which artist have you already worked with?
Ray Ray: The artist that we have worked with that will be on the album are Ciara, Lil Twist and Tyga was on the My Girl remix in which the video will be out next week.

TheUrbanTwist.com: Which artist would you like to work with in the future?
Mindless Behavior: Willow Smith. Yeah we would like to work with Willow Smith that would be dope. Drake would be dope.
Prodigy: Usher
Roc Royal: I’ll say Eminem.
Princeton: I’ll say Prince, he’s an icon as well.

TheUrbanTwist.com: When did you get the news that you would be touring with Janet Jackson?
Mindless Behavior: We were celebrating Prod’s birthday, and we were just hanging out eating some cake and they told us that we would be going on tour with Janet Jackson. We were really surprised. She’s an icon.

TheUrbanTwist.com: Was this your first time performing in New York City?
Mindless Behavior:This is our 10th time performing in New York City, but our first time performing at Radio City.

TheUrbanTwist.com: After performing onstage at Radio City Music Hall for the first time, what did you think about the crowd’s energy?
Ray Ray: It felt like the crowd has a lot of energy, great. New York always has a good crowd.
New York is always good to us.

TheUrbanTwist.com: How do you guys manage going to school, with touring and performing, while still finding the time to do things that everyday teens do?
Ray Ray: We’re home-schooled. We do four hours of school and three hours of studying . Seven hours of school a day, and our managers they always have time for us to have fun. We go to amusement parks, movies, do kids stuff.
Mindless Behavior: Plus we love this job. This is our life and we love it.

TheUrbanTwist.com: What are some things that you have done and seen in New York City on your free time while rehearsing for the shows?
Roc Royal: Time Square is the best.
Mindless Behavior: Bowling. We just bowled today. Last time we bowled we tweeted our fans to come.
And shopping, we can’t forget about shopping in New York.

TheUrbanTwist.com: Any final message you would like to send to your fans out there?
Mindless Behavior: Stay Mindless, have fun and be confident, and we will always love you no matter what. No matter what.

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