NBA Rookie Josh Selby Says He is “Not Gay but Curious”

Are some black men in the black community pretending to be straight while they are getting their backs worked on in some private warm closets?
NBA Rookie Josh Selby says he is not gay but curious

NBA Rookie Josh Selby says he is not gay but curiousIs the NBA about to see its first openly gay player?  Probably not, but if internet reports are true regarding former Kansas Jayhawk star and NBA rookie Josh Selby, we may be half way there.

For some time now the closeted NBA fraternity of gay players had managed to keep their existence a dark and guarded secret.   Memphis Grizzlies rookie Josh Selby must not have received the handbook on being discreet.

According to, Josh Selby sent some photos of himself to one @iAMJustinCruz on who had promised to turn him out after exchanging direct messages.

“I’m just curious, not gay, bruh,” tweeted Josh Selby to Justin, after making hotel arrangements.

Update:  Josh Selby has since denied this rumor in one of his recent tweets!/joshselby2/status/113500716622024704


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