Occupy Wall Street: The Occupy Ad Coming To A Television Near You

Occupy ad will soon be airing on national TV thanks to the generosity of Occupy members who have fully funded the Occupy ad campaign.

Occupy Wall Street has been in the media for months now and has spread like wildfire and is now known as the Occupy Movement.

However, until now, Occupy has been purely on the Internet and on the streets of various cities across the world. But thanks to some quick thinking and some generous Occupy participants, Occupy has found a way to bring the Occupy movement to TV through an Occupy ad. Starting with a free ad shot by David Sauvage, the members decided to put that on mainstream TV and they have been able to achieve this through a crowd funding initiative on Loudsauce. Some 168 people donated over $6,000 to fund the Occupy ad campaign.

I personally like the Occupy ad because it helps people understand what Occupy is all about. When Occupy started in Wall Street, we all thought it had something to do with the financial crisis and that it was just that. But over time, Occupy has somehow morphed into something else. Everyone taking part in Occupy seems to have their own agenda in as much as they are united in their discontent in the state of affairs.

As one lady says in the commercial, “I want the top wealthiest Americans to be taxed higher and that money put into education” while another says “I want peace and not militarization”. Occupy has fast become the voice of every person on the planet, or the 99% who are not satisfied or happy with the plutocratic 1%.

Check out the Occupy ad on Bloomberg Business TV (nationally), ESPN, History International, CBS Sports, Gayle King Show, Grey’s Anatomy and Friends (on DISH network, Direct TV and Verizon Fios), Outdoor Channel and on Fox News who will air it seven times.

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