The Latest Tech and Gadgets to Turn You Green

Everybody wants to do their bit for the environment and the tech savvy have been given some great opportunities to do so by an innovative range of apps and gadgets. From new ways to recharge to information rich apps, tech heads can now purchase or download the environmentally conscious and eco-friendly technical advancements that will help to save our planet. Here are some must-have examples.

Bedol Water-Powered Clock

Simply fill this incredible clock with salty water or lemon juice and the fluid will corrode electrodes stored within the clock and generate the electricity to keep it ticking. There are a number of varieties, making it completely adaptable to your current interior decor. It’s a timely invention for anyone with a green conscience.

Green Genie App

This ingenious app gives handy tips on how you can live your life in a greener manner. This useful tool will provide you with pointers on new methods for sustainable eco-friendly action and features a full glossary of buzzwords to keep you clued up about the green scene. It also has green product reviews and a helpful list of eco organisations to register with.

Logitech Solar Powered Keyboard

Now saving the planet is right at your fingertips. This wireless keyboard incorporates photovoltaic panels without sacrificing style. We’ve come a long way since the solar powered calculator and this excellent peripheral will no doubt be nestling next to the desktops of the green minded. Innovative while remaining practical, it makes web surfing more eco-friendly.

iRecycle App

This handy app provides the details of over 800,000 recycling depots, while giving advice on where to take tough to recycle items like plastics and electronic hardware. The useful search feature enables you to easily enter the item you wish to recycle, before giving instructions on how to do it. Every green household should have it.

Philips Eco TV

The energy consumed by the average LCD TV is quite substantial. Philips deserve credit for taking some responsibility for this and devising a lovely looking model that dims the picture brightness in accordance to the measured environmental light within the room. Naturally, this conserves a great deal of energy, particularly if you’re a TV addict who wants to make a difference through their choice of TV.

Meter Readings App

Enabling homeowners to keep track of their water and energy usage, all this app requires for it to work its wonders is for you to enter your meter information. It then accurately calculates your energy and water usage, giving you an idea of how to make savings and pinpoint areas of wastage to be eradicated.

Panasonic Solar Table

Unveiled at the Tokyo Security Show, Panasonic’s jaw droppingly cool Solar Table utilises QI technology to charge your collection of gadgets wirelessly every time you lay them on its surface. Everybody has gadgets and keeping them charged can be a time consuming hassle. Now you can put them down and the job is done. Still in development, we should see this in forward thinking furniture stores in 2012.

Our Choice App

The Our Choice App makes eco-warrior Al Gore’s important book fully interactive, matching informative narration from the former Vice President to stunning photography and video footage. Our Choice shines a spotlight on the causes of global warming and underlines our generation’s need to take action against the effects of global warming, while also identifying ways to do it.

nPower PEG

Small devices can have a big effect. The tiny nPower PEG is a fantastic backup battery charger for all your electronic gadgets that actually utilises your movement while biking, walking or running to generate electricity. The PEG can then be carried in your pocket or purse until your gadget cries out for more power. A great stocking filler for environmentally friendly tech heads.

Carbon Footprint Calculator App

The perfect complement for the Our Choice App, this brilliant and easy to use Carbon Footprint Calculator App enables you to figure out your CO2 emission based on your weekly drives and commuting. Make the necessary adjustments to your driving habits and then share your reduced carbon footprint via the integrated Facebook and Twitter support.

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