50 Cent’s “All Things Fall Apart” Set For a US Theatrical Release

Mario Van Peeble’s All Things Fall Apart is set for a theatrical premiere on the 14th of February. The movie which features star rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, first premiered on BET last month, but the whole world will get a change to watch the movie on big screen after its US theatrical release in February.

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50 Cent takes the lead in the movie, as Deon a football player who suffers from cancer. Despite his success as a star athlete all his life, he is humbled by his condition and lives to share his glory on the field with his family.

The movie gained popularity before its release when pictures of a malnourished 50 Cent circulated around the internet. The rapper had to go on a liquid diet, losing a whopping 54 lbs for the role. 50 Cent did a great job by letting his guard down and showing his vulnerable side as Deon in the movie.

Impressively, 50 Cent also co-produced and co-wrote the movie. The movie also features Ray Liotta, Mario van Peebles and Lynn Whitfield.

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