Anna Wintour Puts Together Design Team For Obama’s Relection Campaign

Anna Wintour puts together a team of 22 top fashion designers for Obama’s reelection campaign, dabbed ‘Runway to win.”
Anne Wintour for Obama reelction campaign

Anna Wintour has put together a dynamic design team, comprising 22 of the best fashion designers for Obama’s reelection campaign.

Anna Wintour has openly vocalized her support for Obama, to the extent of hosting several fundraisers on his behalf. The design initiative takes over from where the 2008 Runway to Change initiative left off and it is dabbed the Runway to Win.

Renowned fashion brand, Vogue, put together the 22 heavy-weight designers who include Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Rachael Roy and Diane von Furstenberg. The designers are tasked with creating special gear to benefit Obama’s victory fund. Some of the items expected from the designers include Obama branded T-shirts, baseball hats and bags amongst other items.

The initiative raised some controversy, when fashion brand LVMH turned down the offer to take part in the campaign for fear of losing their Republican customers. Marc Jacobs however defied the fashion house and got on board with the design initiative.

The initiative is expected to raise as much funds as in 2008, when a majority of the Obama campaign funds was contributed by fashion brands and their employees.

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