Taraji P Henson Covers February’s Issue of Upscale Magazine

Taraji P Henson covers February’s issue of Upscale Magazine. The Oscar nominated star speaks about her challenges as a Black American actress in Hollywood.

Taraji P Henson is set to cover Upscale Magazine’s February issue. The Oscar nominated actress speaks about her acting career in Hollywood.

Henson addresses the challenges she faces as a Black American actress in Hollywood saying, Hollywood keeps trying to tell me that black women can’t open a film. I will absolutely prove them wrong before my career is done. I want to stretch my acting muscle and do something completely different. I’d love to play a man. Sounds weird, but I want to do something that make me work hard. Call me kooky, but I always want to go outside my comfort zone.”

You’ve never seen me play this girl. She’s a bitch. And she’s the pretty girl in the film. I wanted this role so bad. I told the casting folks, ‘if you don’t let me get that role, I don’t need to be in this movie at all.’ They were thinking about casting a white girl for the role and I said, ‘No. I can do this.’ And then of course, when it’s time to start filming, I freaked out. I said, wait’ Maybe I should play the baby-momma instead…. I was scared because it’s so different than anything I’ve ever done.” She spoke about her upcoming role in Think Like A Man.

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