Nicki Minaj at the 2012 Grammy’s: Roman Reloaded or Roman Dismissed?

Nicki Minaj’s performance during the 2012 Grammy’s kept everyone talking long after the event concluded…and not in a good way.
“Roman” Levitating

On Sunday night most of us were tuned into the 54th Grammy Awards. We watched as tributes were given and homage was paid to musicians, actors, etc. who passed away in the past year.

But, the talk of the night was about rapper Nicki Minaj’s performance which was in a category of it’s own. When it comes to this 29 year old “barbie” who has recently been accused of following in the steps of pop artist Lady GaGa, Minaj has changed her original image of a femcee trying to make it in the industry to the black GaGa basically overnight. She changes her voice in music, rants and rave, puts together these crazy costumes with fancy wigs.  But, it doesn’t stop here.

In this performance her alter ego “Roman Zolanski” was definetly there. Minaj claims that Roman was born inside her, out of rage, and only is seen when she is angry. She has also said that Roman is a demon inside her. Featuring a song from her new upcoming album “Roman Reloaded”,  it starts with Minaj sitting on a beat with a Priest, which she was talking to about her problems, and actually performed an exorcism which caused her to levitate.

There were also references to the Pope in this performance. Moments after, social network were over capacity with comments on the performance saying things like she disrespected the Catholic religion, fans asking where is the real Nicki Minaj. She has been even receiving backlash from the Catholic League.

This was a huge performance for Minaj but the feedback is not looking bright for her future with it being  considered blasphemous and disrespectful. You can check out the performace here in case you missed it.

We want to know what you think about Nicki’s last night performance.  Tell us in the comments below.

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