Is Kobe moving Backwards? Kobe Spotted Kissing Ex-Wife Vanessa in Arena’s Tunnel.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant may be divorced but that doesn’t stop them from sharing some love on Valentine’s Day.
Bryants Kiss

We have heard recent news about NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, shooting guard for the LA Lakers, being “divorced” from his wife Vanessa Laine for good. But, it seems as if he has had a relapse about the decision.

The two were spotted on Valentines day kissing after a game in the arena’s tunnel.  But, it was definitely not for the media.

TMZ called it “Reconciling with their mouths,” they also state that they have already sealed the property settlement deal, in which Vanessa received all three Newport Beach,CA  homes.  The photo looks as if it was just snagged by someone who was just walking by.

But, are Bryant and Laine serious about this separation?  This is not the first time they have had problems and have been in the media for the same reasons. It seems as every time they say that they are done, they end back in the same place. Bryant is not the only NBA player that has this problem, but he always seems to be pinned as the bad guy.

The media is starting to raise questions as to what is wrong with the couple.  It also seems as if Kobe could be afraid of letting some money go and is going by the “cheaper to keep her” motto. The divorce paperwork has been filed and submitted but, it is not final until later on in the year.

But, in between this time, will they change their minds?  Let us know what you think about this below in the comments.

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