Beyonce – “Bow Down / I Been On”

Beyonce’ is back and is telling all of her detractors to bow down to the Queen.


“I was in that Willie D video when I was about 14, looking crazy.”

Beyonce’ is back and with this two-part single, she basically takes a little bit of this and little bit of that from every possible genre that you could think of.  There’s a little electronic dance, some trap clack, R&B, bounce, Houston screw, opera, trance, and dub.

But most of all, beware when Beyonce’ tells all the other girls who do this, how she really feels about herself as she takes a little trip down memory lane:

Bitch I been on…I remember my baby hair with my dookie braids…shout out to Willie D. I was i that Willie D video when I was about 14. Lookin’ crazy. Shout out to Pimp C. We used to sneak and listen to that U.G.K.

Her husband Jay-Z would be proud.

Do you hate it or love Beyonce’s new music or is it a little too Solange-ish for your taste?

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