March Madness and Your Busted Brackets

This year’s March Madness brackets may be a bit messier than usual.

The official logo for this year's 2013 Men's Final Four

This year’s college basketball season has been anything but normal. From the number one team losing what seemed like every week to the previous national champion not making the tournament and everything in between, we have had one of the most intriguing college basketball seasons to date. With the intrigue of every season comes the best season: postseason.

NCAA March Madness may be the best of them all.

Every year, the men’s tournament of 68 hopeful teams intrigues the masses. These masses range from the Commander-in-Chief to the top tv analysts to the kid in a rural area with only a newspaper to guide his educated guess. These masses aim to fill out the perfect bracket, in hopes of winning their office pool or for bragging rights among friends or for their own satisfaction. All of these individuals search for one thing.


A perfection that is highly unlikely to grace them any year, especially this one. With no clear cut favorite or duo to win, no one perennial NBA All-Star talent to carry a team, and no clearly easy path to the Final Four in Atlanta, a lot of brackets are about to suffer. And a lot of quests for perfection are about to end. The murk and mess that ensued throughout every week of this college basketball season is bound to rear its ugly head throughout much of this year’s March Madness, and consequently, throughout many brackets worldwide.

So whether you’re relying on your uncanny guessing ability or on the RPI and strength of schedule of all the teams, good luck. And may this madness not take your sanity with it. Because it is definitely taking your brackets.

Who’s your pick to go all the way this year?

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