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Rapper Attempts To Sacrifice Friend In Order To Join The Illuminati



Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when people would go to school to educate themselves in the profession of their choice, whether it was to become a doctor, a teacher, or even a musician?


Well it seems that nowadays people are always looking for a shortcut to riches rather than earning it the long, hard, and sometimes tedious way.

Take aspiring rapper, Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, for example.  He wanted to become the next Jay-Z, P. Diddy, or 50 Cent.  He wanted to become that next great music mogul. 

Instead of rocking shows and selling CDs out of his car or on iTunes, trying to make a name for himself.  He decided that he had to sacrifice his friend to become a rap star.

He wanted to sacrifice his friend so that he could join the Illuminati, a secret organization that so many rappers and entertainers such as Jay-Z and P. Diddy are believed to be a part of.


Fortunately for his friend, his plan didn’t work.

Via TimesDispatch reports:

Henrico Circuit Judge L.A. Harris Jr. denied bond Thursday for Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, after Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas L. Johnson described El-Amin as a danger to the public and a man who was so overcome with ‘kush’ when questioned by detectives that he could not remember the events of the month in which he committed the alleged crime.

You are my sacrifice,” Johnson quoted El-Amin as saying before he allegedly fired a shot toward his friend’s head inside a Henrico home that was to become a music studio.

El-Amin is listed in state records as the registered agent of Break Bread Inc., located in the 1000 block of Athens Avenue just north of Brook and Parham roads.

According to a search warrant, the shooting at the now-abandoned dwelling the night of Dec. 26 occurred after prolonged drug use. The victim awoke from a drowsy sleep to see El-Amin pointing a gun at his head and saying he needed to be sacrificed, according to the search warrant.


The bullet ricocheted off the victim’s hand sending bone and skin fragments into his eye, according to the warrant, but the victim was able to get hold of the gun and shoot El-Amin in the stomach before he ran off.

The victim has not been charged.

Johnson said in court Thursday that the trial will delve into the hip-hop music culture and the notion that a secret society called the Illuminati has control over the success of some performers.

Johnson said in court that a book about the role of the Illuminati in hip-hop music and especially in the career of rap star 50 Cent was an obsession for El-Amin.

I never understood the public’s fascination with the Illuminati.  If there is a such thing, it’s a secret for a reason.

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