Man Murdered At Internet Cafe, Gamers Continue Playing

A man gets stabbed in an internet cafe and dies. No one bothered to get off their computers and help.
Man Murdered Internet Cafe

Man Murdered Internet Cafe

File this news under “Crazy” as a man was murdered in front of several witnesses at an internet cafe in Taiwan earlier this month.

Authorities explained that the 18-year-old suspect walked into the cafe on April 3 and proceeded to stab another man to death.

The victim was attacked with a watermelon knife.

Several people were inside the internet cafe when the man was stabbed. Although the incident took place in front of several individuals, no one bothered to help the victim fight off his assailant.

And then after the stabbing took place, several people simply stood around the man’s body. One female gamer reportedly continued to play her game despite the fact that blood had splattered on her clothes. The murder was captured on the cafe’s surveillance system.

Some people who were inside the internet cafe continued to sit motionless at their monitors. It’s currently unclear if police have made any arrests in the killing.

When incidents like this happen, regardless of what part of the world it’s coming from, all you can do is shake your head.

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