Lauryn Hill Gets 3 Months in Prison for Tax Evasion

Lauryn Hill gets 3 months behind bars for trying to dodge Uncle Sam.

It looks like Lauryn Hill has been forced to pay the piper, both literally and figuratively.

The grammy-winning singer is going to prison for tax evasion.  And although she’s on her way to the slammer, there is a silver lining of good news with her sentencing.

She was facing up to three years behind bars but instead received three months in prison for failing to pay about $1 million in taxes.  She had faced a maximum sentence of one year per each of her three counts.  Her attorney had sought probation.

She was also sentenced to three additional months of home confinement.

The 37-year-old South Orange, New Jersey resident pleaded guilty last year in the case.

During a forceful statement to the judge, Hill explained she had always meant to eventually pay the taxes but was unable to during a period of time when she dropped out of the music business.

Before the sentencing, her attorney had said Hill had paid more than $970,000 to satisfy the state and federal tax liabilities.

She’s to report to prison July 8. It’s not clear where she’ll serve her sentence.

She had released new music this past weekend with hopes of raising money for her case, knowing that this possible conviction was on the horizon.

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