Is Penelope Cruz The Next Bond Girl?

Sam Mendes’ choice for the next Bond girl has created a buzz.
Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz at the 2010 Academy Awards. (Photo Credit: Sgt. Michael Connors)

It appears Sam Mendes has the perfect girl for his next James Bond film. According to Yahoo’s UK Movie News page, Penelope Cruz will be the next Bond girl. She is not really a girl though.

Cruz will be turning 40 next April, and the film is expected to come out next summer.  The previous oldest was Honor Blackman. Blackman was 39 when she played Pussy Galore in the 1962 film “Goldfinger”.

Although Penelope Cruz may fit the role, some people may wonder why she was chosen. Cruz is currently pregnant with her second child. Was it a favor for Javier Bardem? He is Cruz’s husband, and played the last Bond villain in “Skyfall”. However, an unnamed source told believes Cruz will slim down in time. The source said, “She got back into shape fast after the first baby, and will no doubt regain her figure quickly this time. She’ll be a great Bond girl. Bond girls are brainy, as well as sexy, and that’s totally Penelope.”

However, a report from E! News on Monday said the Cruz announcement may just be a rumor. E! News could not get a hold of Cruz’s agent, and an anonymous source told them the report was “not true”. Despite this claim, reports continue flowing out that Cruz is indeed the next Bond girl.

Even if Cruz does not get the part, The Guardian quickly reminded everyone that Judi Dench will hold the record for oldest actress on a Bond set. Dench was 77 in “Skyfall”. The Guardian also said they believed Cruz was an “age-appropriate” girlfriend for the Bond character. Daniel Craig is 45 now, and will be 46 next March. Some of the prior films had outrageous age differences. The Guardian said Roger Moore was 57, and Tanya Roberts 28, in A View to a Kill.

If Cruz can lose the baby weight in time for the film, then everybody wins. Cruz ranked 29th in Men’s Health’s 100 hottest women of 2013, so the male viewers win out. For the women, Daniel Craig, and an age difference that will not make you cringe.

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