Serena Williams Wins the French Open [Recap]

Serena Williams keeps up her dominance in a straight sets win over Maria Sharapova to claim her first French Open title since 2002.
Serena with trophy

Serena Williams continued her dominance of the Women’s Tennis Association professional circuit with a win at the French Open. Williams defeated Maria Sharapova in straight sets 6-4, 6-4 to capture her 2nd win at Roland Garros and her first French Open title since 2002.

Maria Sharapova stormed out to an early lead, going up 2-0 in the first set, making it look like she would give Serena a tough match. This was not the case. Serena regained control and won in straight sets, capturing her 16th Grand Slam title overall.

Serena celebrates championship

Roland Garros was merely a microcosm of what Serena has become this year: the most dominant player in sports. She improved to 43-2 on the season, including a 31-game winning streak, and she is securely the top-ranked player on the women’s circuit. She has been dominating every opponent and every tournament she has been faced with over this impressive streak.

It’s not just the tour where Serena has been asserting her will on players.

At last year’s London Olympics, Serena dominated Sharapova in the women’s singles final, 6-0, 6-1. She’s also won the most recent U.S. Open, as well as Wimbledon, which is the next tournament on the tour.

Since her startling upset defeat in the opening round of last year’s French Open, Serena has nearly perfected her craft and become unbeatable, making it nearly impossible for anyone to win any tournament. Quite frankly, she is on the women’s circuit what Rafael Nadal has been at Roland Garros: automatic.

Serena Williams is looking more and more like the most dominant athlete in the world. As she increases in age, she appears to develop some part of her game or plays a bit differently against familiar opponents and this has helped her become unbeatable.

Williams, 31, is the oldest woman to win a major title since Martina Navratilova won at Wimbledon in 1990. Serena will look to be the oldest woman to win at Wimbledon since Navratilova in that same year

Quite frankly, her chances look good. With her powerful serve that produces aces at the most opportune times, one wouldn’t be wrong in predicting her to win it all in London. And with her only real challenger being Sharapova – who has an abysmal 13-match losing streak against Serena since 2004 – Williams is poised for another major victory and more domination.

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