Tim Tebow to Join the Patriots

Former University of Florida Heisman Trophy winner, ex-Bronco, and ex-Jet, Tim Tebow, has signed with the New England Patriots.


Journeyman quarterback Tim Tebow will sign with the New England Patriots and is expected to participate with the team in minicamp tomorrow, according to sources.

Tim Tebow, who played for the New York Jets last season, has been a hot-button issue for conversation this offseason. He expressed his interest to still remain at quarterback in the NFL, causing the media to question whether or not he would ever have a place in the NFL.

But of course, Bill Belichick is taking a chance on Tim Tebow. Quite frankly, if anyone can get him to perform at a high level and can maximize his talents, it’s Belichick (just look at what he did with Matt Cassel).

The former University of Florida Heisman Trophy Winner has been accused of bringing too much of a media circus, which is a reason why teams were believed to be trying to stay away from him. But if any organization can keep the media at bay, New England is the organization to do it.

Tim Tebow shouldn’t be a problem guy or have issues adjusting to the “Patriot Way”, as his class and respectability around the league is as high as anyone’s, due mostly to his openly-devout Christian beliefs.

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Most importantly for Tim, it will bring him together again with Josh McDaniels, the current offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots and the head coach of the Denver Broncos at the time of Tebow’s drafting.

Only time will tell how this third stop in the league will pan out for Tim Tebow. But no matter what happens, it can’t be any worse than his stop with the train wreck New York Jets.