Gary Neal & Danny Green Destory the Heat: Spurs lead 2-1

The San Antonio Spurs role players step up and seal the game, well actually they blew the Heat out.
Danny Green

This is crazy because I called it. I think it was in my first article when I talked about the playoffs and how it’s when random role players step up and make a name for themselves. Well it took forever to happen but it finally happened.

The Spurs pretty much played a perfect game, making LeBron James a non factor and thoroughly destroying the Miami Heat. Last game the Heat went off and destroyed the Spurs in convincing fashion and this game looked like two completely different teams were playing. I will admit though, the Spurs really beat the Heat down. It was the same type of story in the first half as the score was pretty close but once the second half began things changed quickly. The crazy thing was that it wasn’t one of the Spurs Big 3 players that won this game but it was two players that nobody would of really saw coming.

Danny Green

For the last two years, the Spurs have been pretty much starting Danny Green over Manu Ginobili. Ginobili has been a marvelous player throughout his career, pretty much ballin’ out and winning championships, getting All-Star appearances and all that. Now this guy Danny Green has started over him, consistently and playing well consistently. He’s pretty much played good enough to legitimately start over Manu. He was once playing behind LeBron James in Cleveland and is now playing against him (very well too).

Last night Green went off, he started the game draining threes and it kept on coming.  He finished with 7 threes for the game and 27 points for the night. His offensive isn’t the only thing that’s special as this guy is a lock down defender also. Between Green and Kawhi Leonard checking him, the MVP only had 15 points. Green has been on fire during the Finals and that doesn’t seem to be changing. After this series is over win or lose I see Danny Green being looked at as a three point specialist and a defensive specialist.

Now Gary Neal was something special too. Between the two, Neal had to be more of the surprise because I mean he’s Gary Neal. This guy wasn’t even drafted and eventually ended up going overseas to make a career for himself. Eventually he made a name for himself and the Spurs (like always) took notice and signed Neal. Ever since his first season dude has been a baller, always coming in the game and getting buckets. This guy is instant offense and it showed the minute he checked into the game. Just like Green, Neal stepped up to the plate and dropped 24 points off of 6 three pointers. It shouldn’t of been that surprising though as this is simply what he does.

These NBA Finals have been very weird. I feel like every prediction I make is completely shattered every time the game begins. Game 4 will be on Thursday at 9 pm. The advantage is definitely with the Spurs right now as they lead the series 2 to 1 and have home court advantage for the next two games. I’m not going to make another prediction because I definitely had this one wrong, if I were a betting man Danny Green and Gary Neal would of killed me tonight.

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