Tupac ‘Sex Tape’ Sold To Private Collector

This is one tape recorded before his death, that Tupac’s family doesn’t his fans to see.
Tupac Sex Tape

A sexually explicit recording made of late Rapper Tupac has been sold to a private “collector”.

Shot in 1991, the footage sees the iconic rapper engaging in a sexual act with an unidentified female.  The video was recorded by a reported friend of the Rapper who held onto the footage after his passing.

Now, after declining offers made by Adult entertainment companies hoping to buy and sell the explicit visual, the owner has now sold it to a private collector, billing the pornographers who had attempted to buy the flick from him “parasites”.

While the amount of what it was sold for has yet to be announced, it has emerged that Tupac’s family  is planning to block any future sales of the tape, preventing it from being seen by the public.

It’s also being reported that during the act, there was an unreleased Tupac song playing in the background which is sure to increase the tape’s value.  The tape saw bids that reached the $1 million dollar mark before it was sold to the unidentified owner.

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