Scam Artists Take Advantage Of Unsuspecting Promoters Wishing To Book A Lil Boosie Comeback Show

Lil Boosie is warning booking agencies across the county of a massive concert scam that has already robbed a few agents.

Now that Boosie is free, it was only a matter of time before someone tries cashing in on the rapper’s name and fame. One would obviously assume that concert promoters have probably been trying to book Boosie for shows ever since his release, and unfortunately this has left many of them open to fraud.

According to reports there have been a few instances where unsuspecting promoters were instructed to send $25,000 to someone pretending to be Lil Boosie’s brother to book a show with the Rapper who was recently released from prison. The cases were reported in Detroit and Dallas.

Following his release which has fueled excitement in the Hip Hop fraternity, scam artists have taken advantage of the situation and have lured a few unsuspecting concert promoters that thought they could book the Louisiana rapper for a comeback show.

LaToya Thompson a victim explains how she came across the Louisiana’s rapper booking flier on Instagram and called the phone number where she got in touch with a man claiming to be Boosie’s brother “TQ” who instructed her to wire him $25,000 to book Lil Boosie for a concert in April and as soon as the transaction went through “TQ” was nowhere to be found. What a surprise.

For the other two victims, the story is the same.

Boosie claims he is innocent as Giovany Productions never got the go ahead to book him while TQ is said to be filing a police report for impersonation.

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