Matthew Martino Reveals BIG Secret


When Matthew C Martino isn’t producing a film or chartering jets, he loves to drop subtle hints about what he actually does for a living.

This time the 21 year-old film producer/author set the record straight by admitting that he has worked for fast food restaurant McDonald’s, and even came close to being a manager.


Martino, who has always insisted he is from humble beginnings didn’t release particular details on when the supposed employment went on but he told news reporters on Saturday evening, “We’ve all been there and done that, I’ve worked at McDonalds myself and loved it”.

After the remarks, the 21 year-old walked away.

Martino came into the public eye with his self-published book Lets Fly, which was first published in January 2012 and he has since written his second book Go For It, before he turned to the film industry; first acting then producing.  His credits include Ortega and His Enemies, Lets Fly Documentary and Tales of The Supernatural.

The big question on everyone’s mind is when was Martino’s tenure at the fast food restaurant.  This revelation could help clear up some of the mystery that has been surrounding what the 21 year-old actually does for work.


No statement has of yet surfaced from Martino’s rep and close pals of the film producer haven’t spoke up on the issue.

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