Floyd Mayweather Witnesses Murder on FaceTime

Floyd Mayweather witnessed a murder-suicide on FaceTime involving one of his rap artists and his wife.

Witnessing a death is the most horrific experience anyone could ever endure, but could you imagine witnessing one of your best friends kill their significant other, then kill themselves?

Floyd Mayweather experienced this first hand while on FaceTime with one of his close friends by the name of Earl Hayes.

Earl Hayes is a former rapper who has reportedly been having infidelity issues with his wife Stephanie Mosely.  She has reportedly been linked to the “Mr. Steal Your Girl” singer Trey Songz.  The rapper shot his wife to death in their Los Angeles apartment on Monday morning,then turned the gun on himself.

For those of you who do not know of the late Mrs. Mosley, she was a former dancer who starred on the hit VH1 tv show Hit the Floor.  Earl Hayes was signed to Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team record label.  According to unknown sources of the boxer, the rapper informed him of killing his wife while they were on FaceTime, and Floyd begged him not to go through with his plans of killing his wife.

Not much has been said from the undefeated boxing champ himself, but it has been confirmed that he was a witness to the murder, as he saw and heard everything.  Police are now working to piece everything together in hopes to show what led Hayes to snap to react in killing his wife.

“We’re working off information that they were married, later became estranged and then recently got back together saying they wanted to try to work things out,” Det. Masterson told  News sources.

My condolences go out to both Stephanie Mosley’s and Earl Hayes family, along with Floyd Mayweather.

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