It’s Official! Chris Pine Joins the DC Movie Universe as Steve Trevor!

Chris Pine will star opposite Gal Gadot in upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie. Patty Jenkins is set to direct and the film will be released June 2017.
Chris Pine Steve Trevor

Ben Affleck, who? According to The Wrap, my boo bae sweetie honey…(you get the picture), Chris Pine will star opposite Gal Gadot in the upcoming “Wonder Woman”  film.

Am I excited…call me Jesse Spano…too far? I don’t care. Rumors have floated over the past few months and it’s finally a done deal. Pine’s multi-picture deal includes sequel options.

Plot details have yet to be released, which makes sense. We have yet to see Wonder Woman herself in action. Gal Gadot will first mix it up with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” next March. Could we possibly get a glimpse of Pine in Dawn of Justice, as well, before “Wonder Woman” is released the following year? One can hope.

What do you think? Excited to see Pine joining the DCU? Bummed it wasn’t for Warner Brother’s upcoming movie “Green Lantern Corps”? Maybe he still can…as Steve Trevor’s sexy, long lost twin brother, Hal Jordan. Hit the comments below with your thoughts on this latest addition to the DCU.

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