Stark Raven Mad: Millennials and Race

Raven-Symoné unleashed a wave of controversy last week when she said she would not hire someone with a non-traditional name like "Watermelondrea," and that wave has sparked major discussions on race relations.

The ideas that Millennials have about race sound crazy to the rest of us. Perhaps there’s a method to the madness, and we’re all adding to the confusion.

Once again, co-host of The View Raven-Symone finds herself drawing the ire of the black community for comments she’s made regarding race. Her latest controversy comes in the form of an old racist standby: the disqualification for employment over a “black-sounding” name. Although she has obviously faced her share of discrimination in her life, she doesn’t equate her history to the problems that many Americans face that have atypical names.

This wasn’t the first time the black community has collectively scratched its head over one of her comments. Even Oprah Winfrey, who has seen and heard it all, was left with mouth agape when Raven-Symone told her last year: “I’m not an African-American; I’m an American.”

Time and time again, she has made it clear that she doesn’t accept labels, regardless of the social constructs that have existed well before the young actress ever had a chance to voice an opinion.

Why the desire to live in a colorless world? Simply put, the rest of us have made a complete mess of race relations.

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