#ZolaStoryMovie: Zola’s Story Unofficially Gets the Movie Treatment and it’s Awesome!

An independent filmmaker has just released an epic trailer that captures Zola's story, which went viral and broke the internet a week ago.

Well, that didn’t take long, for Zola’s story, which is perhaps the greatest internet story ever told to get the movie treatment…well kind of.

As we all know by now on October 27th, a Detroit woman named Aziah Wells tweeted a story that has since been read by millions. The story was told entirely on Twitter, and broke the internet and left the internet wanting more.

Wells has since been approached by television studios and producers interested in bringing her story to the masses, and possibly even to the big screen.

Well, one aspiring filmmaker decided to take matters into his own hands and give the people what they want by releasing an epic movie trailer that totally encapsulates the also epic story of Zola and her friends.

Director César Gamiño hilariously captures all of the fan favorite phrases and characters in the almost 2-minute clip.

Jess, the “white bitch” who approached Zola at Hooters and invited her to a wild weekend in Florida to make some stripping money, Jess’s crazy self-punching boyfriend Jarett, and Jess’s pimp, Z are all there.

It’s amazing how fast the internet works. Zola’s story broke a little over a week ago and now we have a movie trailer that’s very Tarantino-esque. It’s just a matter of time before we have the real thing.

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