Finding Dory

New ‘Finding Dory’ Poster Swims Online

The Finding Nemo sequel has been teased for a while. This August D23 released the official information regarding the much anticipated animated sequel. The panel at the convention revealed that the sequel will follow forgetful Dory (voiced by the returning Ellen DeGeneres) as she and friends Marlin (Albert Brookes) and Nemo try to find out details of her past. How did she learn to speak Whale? Who are her parents?

The sequel will introduce a number of new characters such as Bailey, a misguided Beluga Whale voiced by Modern Families Ty Burrell, a cantankerous octopus called Hank voiced by Modern Families Ed O’Neill and a kind hearted whale shark named Destiny, voiced by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Kaitlin Olson. Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy also feature as voice talent in the underwater adventure.

Finding Nemo and Wall-E director Andrew Stanton returns for the sequel along with co-director Angus MacLane, who worked as an animator on the original film. Co producer Lindsey Collins, who worked as a co producer on Wall-E also joins the team.

Finding Dory is anticipated as a success for the studio, with Finding Nemo being one of the most prolific films Pixar has produced. Whilst films such as Cars may have produced a wide variety of merchandise and Toy Story has a huge relevance in terms of ground breaking progress and the history of the studio, Finding Nemo is a film that captured an entire generation. To this day the mantra ‘just keep swimming’ is hummed by that same generation, much like the numerous attempts to speak whale.

Whilst the new poster gives little to nothing away, it doesn’t need to. By announcing that the focus will be on Dory’s character, the studio has pretty much ensured the box office success of the film. It has tapped into one of the most popular aspects of the original film and is set to feed off the original films audience whilst bringing in a new generation of fans.

Finding Dory is set to hit cinema screens on June 17th 2016.

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Finding Dory
Finding Dory Poster
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