Muslims and Guns: How Both Arguments Are One and the Same

There truly is no escaping the irony when it comes to Trump supporters, and how they feel about Muslims and gun rights.

It seems like many (not all) Americans who are pro-guns are anti-Muslims, such as the Trump followers. Here’s what I find incredibly ironic about this ideology…


A very small percentage of idiots shouldn’t mean the overwhelming number of responsible gun owners should be penalized and that a vastly significant number of gun owners are law-abiding citizens. You can’t account for the few nuts that go on a rampage and we have the right to defend ourselves if that situation were to arise.

Most estimates say approximately 1/3 of Americans owns guns (106.3M). According to the mass shooting tracker, there were at least 353 incidents when ‘multiple’ people were shot or wounded. Clearly, a small percentage of gun owners are actually involved in domestic terror.


Should they no longer be allowed into this country until we are absolutely certain of who is a threat? Is it okay to discriminate against their religion in this instance because there have been attacks by people claiming radical Islam who has been responsible for some terrorist attacks and there is a possibility they have ties to ISIS?

Of course not.

There are close to 2 billion Muslims on this planet and is the 2nd largest world religion. The highest estimate I have seen for members of ISIS is 200,000. Al Qaeda has an estimated 30,000 members. That’s .01% of the Muslim population (that’s 1/10 of 1% for clarification).

Of course, there are some sympathizers and people who can’t be accounted for, but overall, not many active members. If you think there won’t be propaganda based on anti-Muslim policies, best believe it will increase numbers and the risk of attack.

It’s easy for those who haven’t experienced discrimination to be quick to point the finger at an entire group of people when there are a few bad people doing the harm, but it contradicts your argument with guns because it’s really the same rationale.

Do you think these radicals haven’t been trying to infiltrate this country for years?

Same for non-Islamic factions that are enemies of the U.S.

A lot of these sentiments are driven out of fear and ignorance so do with this info what you will. If you have numbers that you feel refute or compound what I’m saying, feel more than welcome to share.

I accept all rational/constructive perspectives.

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