#ArtistTalk: Dish Nation’s and Bodega Brovas’ Member Headkrack Cracks Knowledge

Dish Nation and Bodega Brovas' Headkrack gives us a little insight into what makes his music rock.

Raynel Ruffin is your birth name, what is the story behind your TV personality name Headkrack?

The name Headkrack came from shooting dice, there is a terminology in Celo called Headkrack, that’s when you roll a 4, 5, or 6. It’s like hitting the jackpot. There’s nothing better, then a roller rolling a Headkrack. It’ just gambling terminology.

What is your ethnicity and background? As you hail from the Bronx, do you speak Spanish?

It’s crazy because my step brother and sister is Puerto Rican, so I understand a little bit of Spanish. But my ethnicity is Black.

What inspired the Bodega Brovas Freshest Façade?

Sitting back and studying the game. Like everybody frontin’. Kats don’t even got an album out and they talking about Lamborghinis and all this other non-sense. And a lot of people don’t know how to differentiate reality from fantasy. You got people living from check to check, trying to keep up with the façade. The music video and lyrics is just pulling the curtains back and exposing all that.

Does the Bodega Brovas write their own music? The reason I ask is because I wanted to know if fans could submit tracks or if the group is looking to do collaborations.

We are always looking for outside productions, it keeps the sound fresh. We don’t make the beats ourselves. We write our own lyrics.

When Dish Nation hosted a Twitter interview with you in 2013, I asked you who your celebrity crush is and you tweeted, Antonia Thomas, did you ever get to connect with her and is she still your celebrity crush?

Yo! Low key, she is still my celebrity crush. Never got a chance to hook up with her because I never got a chance to make it back to the UK, but strategically I was thinking about shooting a music video and flying her into town, just so we can meet! I have it so well thought out. It’s going to be for my solo album, hopefully. I will even go shoot the video in the UK just to meet her. UK is so poppin’.

You are great at making people laugh, have you or will you plan to do stand-up comedy?

I use to actually do improv. Before I retire, I plan on doing a 30 min to 1-hour special. It’s going to stand out and definitely be different!

If Headkrack had to roast Raynel Ruffin, what would be the joke you say about yourself?

He is one slice of pizza away from a heart attack. Pizza is like my favorite food.

Who is the one person you want to interview for Dish Nation?

For the Dish Nation side of things, I would love to interview Mike Tyson. He is one the most interesting and fascinating people. He is really sharp. I interviewed him before but it was really brief, he was nice enough to take the time out to speak with me.

Who is the one media outlet or personality you would want to interview you and why?

I would like to be interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God from Power 1051 FM (The Breakfast Club). They do really good interviews.

I love how your music is for free, it makes me think of it as a collection of PBS/PSAs because as I focus on the lyrics of the tracks it’s really musical knowledge, like the Broadway play Hamilton and the ABC show Galavant. Will it always continue to be for free?

It’s a give and take. I will throw out freebies which will vary from a group, solo single or promotional items (samples) here and there. I am going to throw out an EP solo out for free. But the next Bodega project LGA you’ll have to buy it.

You were in the Netflix movie Black Angels, any plans to create your own movie, TV show or web series?

Absolutely! Me and my man Keynote from the Bodega Brovas are dropping a film that will showcase our writing and acting capabilities. I was in a movie called Great Expectation but I was the dude in the background.

I just got a script for an independent film that will be filming in 2017 and went on a really great audition yesterday! Then there is a movie being filmed in New York this June that is interested in me.

There are so many possibilities on the pipeline, along with me developing my own projects and content. My future is looking pretty bright and I am excited. I never really considered myself to be a good actor, I feel I am descent to be in a movie but I look forward to growing in that field and learn more about it.

What experience can you share with us that let you down this path of chasing your dreams?

Just believing in myself, I never lost my childhood innovation. I always believed in myself. Whatever I wanted to do, I did it. I don’t let negativity get in my head.

What are your future plans? What are you currently working on?

I will be hosting a podcast show with an interview you can’t see on Dish Nation, which will be featured on Soundcloud and iTunes, so follow me on my Instagram accounts to stay in the loop.

When are you getting more inventory on your Bodega Brovas online store? Can designers submit their Headkrack and Bodega Brovas ideas to you in hopes to sell their product on your site?

Yes, we are all about the fans submitting their concepts. We will be having some more hats and shirts coming out (Headkrack and Bodega Brovas). The store will be super stocked this summer and spring.

What would be your Lip Sync Battle songs? And who would be your opponent? And why?

My song would Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe, it has a very sexual place in my heart and my opponent would be Rosario Dawson. She is super hot, she kind of goofy like me and likes to have fun.

What sets you apart from everyone else?

My wealth of knowledge, because of the places I travelled, life experiences (personal and career), it shaped me and I see the world differently than other people. Nobody can take that away from me.

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