Adele Visits a Terminally Ill Fan

Adele made Rebecca Gibney’s dream become a reality. Following the online petition of Rebecca’s mother, Adele made a surprise visit to her home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and sat by her bedside.

She stopped after her first concert in the city to meet Rebecca and also offered tickets for the second show in Short Strand.

Before the first show, Rebecca’s mother, Tracy, launched a petition on She wanted the superstar singer to meet Rebecca who lived with epilepsy, and couldn’t walk or talk, and ate through tubes.

“She listens to Adele from she gets up in the morning until her bedtime, all I am asking for is for Adele to FaceTime we Rebecca or send her a video message, it would be her dream come true, please please help for my beautiful sick little daughter,” Tracy wrote.

She also wrote on Twitter, “I am going to see Adele tomorrow night can anybody help me to get to meet her backstage and tell her all about wee Rebecca thanks,” and several similar requests with her daughter’s photos.

According to Tracy, she hadn’t received any reply from Adele’s team, so she was surprised to find her appearing at her front door.

“It happened!!! Thank you so much for liking and sharing everyone, I’m overwhelmed and couldn’t be any happier for my baby, still in shock! Adele is just amazing xx,” she wrote on Facebook.

Tracy also shared photos of Adele’s visit on Twitter.

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