Enter Our September Drawing to Win $50 Cash or a $50 Gift Card!

Enter this month’s giveaway to win $50 cash or gift certificate.
$50 Giveaway

We’re going to keep this brief.  We’re trying to get 1,000,000 Facebook fans to help support our talented team of bloggers.  More fans mean more potential eyeballs to their articles.

Even though we don’t need 1,000,000 fans, we would strongly LIKE to have 1,000,000 Facebook fans. (Notice how we emphasized the word “like”. Subliminal message anyone?)

Facebook has changed their algorithms over time about how much social reach a fan page’s post can get.  We thought long and hard about this. That maybe with all of these changes, with Facebook trying to push businesses such as ours into buying advertising from them to help with our post engagements on Facebook, that we should throw that money into some giveaways instead.

We’re not ashamed to ask you guys for help, and we’re not ashamed to offer an incentive for having you help us spread the word. So we decided to do something fun by giving away $50 in cash (through PayPal) or a $50 gift certificate to such places as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Chipotle, Amazon, and other retailers.  We’ll actually leave that up to you.

At the time of this post we’re at a little over 25,000 fans, so we’re definitely thinking BIG with this one and know that our goal is quite lofty. We’ve seen others reach this goal with quite less frankly, and feel that we could too.  But we need to get the ball rolling. That’s where this giveaway comes into play.

The way that this works is that we will be raffling off a $50 prize the last day of this month.

Now onto the best part about this giveaway announcement and that is for you to enter.

[Click Here to Enter Giveaway]

Short Rules: The only conditions for this giveaway are that you must be at least 18 and reside in the U.S. to receive the prize and that you must be willing to have us publish your name if you win to our Facebook and Twitter pages along as on the giveaway page (link above). That’s it! 🙂

We throw giveaways often and each drawing is different from the next. You must enter each drawing or raffle separately to enter multiple giveaways. Entering one giveaway doesn’t automatically qualify you for all the others.

Only one entry per person per giveaway although you have the opportunity to earn extra entries (raffle tickets) by referring others to the giveaway.  If we find a person to be stuffing the giveaway box, figuratively  and literally speaking, they will be banned from giveaway.

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