Diddy Challenges the Black Community on U.S. Presidential Election

“I feel like we put President Obama in the White House, and when I look back I just wanted more done for my people.”

Sean Combs popularly referred to as “Diddy” has challenged the black community on U.S. politics and the upcoming election. He feels that President Barrack Obama’s government turned its back on the black people. The music personality was speaking on PoliticsNation TV show. Combs was creating awareness of his new school.

Combs said he was confident that the black community contributed a lot towards Obama’s victory. However, on looking back, the administration still had much to do for the community. In any case, it all had to do with politics, the superstar added.

In Combs’s opinion, once you vote someone into an office, you expect the person to give back something in return. He was disappointed that the president gave the black community less than they expected. Moreover, Obama does not seem to worry about it. Diddy added that even though the president did a fantastic job, black voters needed to up their game.

The musician does not shy away from politics. In 2004, Combs started Citizen Change; an organization meant to encourage young people to vote. At a music conference last year, Combs reiterated that there was much dishonesty in politics. As a result, the black community felt cheated.

In the TV interview, Combs expressed hope that Hillary Clinton would consider making a direct address to black voters. Ms. Clinton will contest the presidency on a Democratic Party ticket. Combs observed that the number of the electorate from the black community warranted attention from the presidential candidate.

The celebrated performer challenged his fellow blacks to hold on to their vote until the presidential contenders recognized the influence black people had on the outcome. Combs stressed the importance of strategy among black voters. He added that he did not have faith in what the politicians were telling people during the presidential race campaigns.

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