Shiny Legs Or Nah? Check Out This Optical Illusion That’s Boggling Minds on Social Media

Shiny Legs Optical Illusion
Do you see shiny legs or white marks? (Image: Twitter

Earlier this week, Bree (@msbreeezyyy) posted a photo of what appeared to be shiny legs but was soon blowing the minds of Twitter users as they discovered the truth.

At first glance, social media users thought the photo of shiny legs that were slathered in oil or perhaps wrapped in plastic wrap. But the answer was none of the above.


And as the caption that goes along with the photo suggests, “once you see if you can’t unsee it.”

Upon further inspection, viewers can see that there’s markers and paint laid around the legs and the white marks on her legs are simply just that — white marks from paint. But the optical illusion was enough to go viral. Bree’s post has since received over 12,000 retweets and over 14,000 likes on Twitter.

According to US Weekly, the photo was first uploaded by an Instagram user by the name of Hunter (@leonardhoespams). “i like the feeling of paint on my skin,” read the caption of the photo that was uploaded about a month ago.

Now that the photo has gone viral, many are linking it to another optical illusion from the past — the blue and black (or was it gold and white?) dress. (It was blue and black.)


And just like then, this moment isn’t going without some social commentary from the interwebs.

Check out the photo above and catch some reactions of the post below.





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