Little Cindy Brady’s Homophobic Rant Gets Susan Olsen Fired From LA Talk Radio.

“You are the biggest f****t ass in the world the biggest p*ssy! My D*ck is bigger than yours Which ain’t sayin much!” Olsen wrote. LA Talk Radio canned her.


In another story of real life people not living up to their onscreen image, Susan Olsen has shown the world little Cindy Brady isn’t so sweet these days. In fact, if you read the expletive laced message that Olsen sent openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting you might wonder if she is a homophobe.

Until her private message to Acord-Whiting was brought to the attention of her employers, Susan Olsen was a radio show host of “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics” on LA Talk Radio. It appears her messages to the actor was precipitated by Acord-Whiting openly condemning Olsen on social media after an appearance on her show.

Acord-Whiting called LA Talk Radio irresponsible for allowing a “Trump fanatic” to host a show and spew “dangerous misinformation”.  He vowed to no longer listen to, nor appear on shows hosted on the network until Olsen was removed.

Apparently, Susan Olsen was none too happy about his Facebook post.

“Hey there little pssy, let me get my big boy pants on and Reallly take you on!!! What a snake in the grass you are you lying piece of sht too cowardly to confront me in real life so you do it on Facebook. You are the biggest f****t ass in the world the biggest pssy! My Dck is bigger than yours Which ain’t sayin much! What a true piece of sh*t you are! Lying f***t! I hope you meet your karma SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.” The former child actor posted on her Facebook page.

That wasn’t all however, she then followed up with a subsequent Facebook post, on Twitter she referred to a “nadless fairy.”

Nadless Fairy

Just days after her hate-speech filled rants went public LA Talk Radio let Olsen go. The company cited Olsen’s hate speech as the reason she was fired. “LA Talk Radio takes pride in its close and collaborative relationship with the LGBT community, and will continue to provide a home for those who have hopeful and positive messages of togetherness and tolerance to share with our listeners,” the company said in a statement.

I am a huge Brady Bunch fan and can still be found curled up on the couch watching reruns on Saturdays. I can’t help but wonder what Olsen’s television dad, Robert Reed, would think of her comments. Reed died of HIV and lived his life as a closeted gay man.