Jordan Alexander
AfterEllen called Jordan Alexander the "next gay pop star." (Image: YouTube)

Jordan Alexander Goes on a Wild Night With Her Grandma in ‘Take Me Out Tonight’ Video

Jordan Alexander takes her grandma out for a wild night on the town with her friends in the “Take Me Out Tonight” video.

The Jarvis Church-directed visual kicks off with the young singer inviting her grandma out to hang out — but her grandma is the farthest thing from a buzzkill. Instead, Alexander’s grandma joins in all all the fun — taking shots, smoking weed and skinny dipping.

“She actually shot tequila, smoked weed and skinny-dipped….YES she’s my GRANDMOTHER!” read a message in the video’s description on YouTube. “Age ain’t nuthin but a number and I’m so blessed to have the world’s coolest grandma!”

She can say that again. As for the track, Alexander proves that she just might be “the next gay pop star” as stated by AfterEllen. Her soft voice is reminiscent of The Internet’s Syd The Kyd but with a stronger pop influence complete with the use of Auto-Tune and uptempo beats. The lyrics, which were co-written by Alexander, also prove to be quite beautiful and moving.

“One by one the stars are fading / one by one our hearts are breaking / start a fight run for miles / take me out tonight,” sings Alexander.

After dropping her grandma back home, the crew cruises off in a red corvette towards the middle of nowhere.

Check out the video above.

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