Happy 420. Today’s the Day Stoners Unites for Fun Events & Weed.

It’s April 20th and to many people around the world, the date 420 means one thing, marijuana. There are all kinds of 420 events and deals for stoners this week, today especially. Do you partake?

It’s April 20th and to many people around the world, the date 420 means one thing, marijuana.

Legal marijuana distributors and the corner boy alike, will make bank this weekend, especially today as pothead around the world unite in the celebration of cannabis. 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia have all approved marijuana in either medicinal or recreational forms.

Here in Maryland, marijuana been decriminalized but not legalized, meaning if we get caught with less than 10 grams they just give you a ticket instead of arresting you.

Just 45 minutes away in DC however, recreational marijuana rules. You can smoke and even grow your own plant without fear of incarceration. The laws haven’t all caught up to each other though, the only people allowed to sell marijuana in DC are the dispensaries that cater to medicinal clients only.

DC is not the only place you can freely enjoy your marijuana, there are seven U.S. states that have legalized recreational marijuana usage.

Although marijuana is legal in these states, public consumption is not allowed anywhere as of yet. All that goes out the window on 420. For decades, weed smokers across the globe have openly and brazenly lit up in public. At times, in groups so massive, to try to make arrests would be futile.

There are some amazing 420 events and every year they get bigger and better. In D.C. today, activists plan to give out pre-rolled joints on Capitol Hill. There’s a “Bud Drop” happening in San Francisco, similar to the ball dropping at midnight, the bud will drop at 4:20 p.m. The Bud Drop is being sponsored by Green Rush, an on demand marijuana marketplace that also delivers.

Everyone wants to take part in the festivities, Uber is offering a special today. Use promo code SAFE420 to get a  special deal from the ride sharing  company.

Denver marijuana enthusiasts can enjoy “World Cannabis Week” celebrations which includes a free 420 shuttle bus to get stoners from event to event. http://worldcannabisweek.com/420-events/

shuttle bus

420 falls on a Thursday this year, while stoners will party it up today, this weekend is when the massive events and rallies take place. I might try to hop over to D.C. myself for the National Cannabis Festival on April 22, 2107.

Do you toke? Have you ever? Leave a comment, tell me you best 420 experience.

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