Viral YouTube Star Ryan Davis is ‘Funnier in Person’ [REVIEW]

Victoria Johnson
Ryan Davis 'Funnier in Person' Tour

When Ryan Davis took the stage at 10:35 p.m. at the legendary Caroline’s on Broadway to a cheering crowd, the question on his back may have puzzled them. It read: “Who the hell is Ryan Davis?”

The audience clearly knew who he is. Davis is not only a comedian but one of YouTube’s viral sensations. Davis is no stranger to getting thousands of views on the streaming site but he’s mostly known for his criticisms of NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. One of which is nearing half a million views.


But before James took the stage, he had four comedians — Edward Aundreas, Tyrone Burston, Ampston Hews and Trevor Sprints — open up and host for him along with a host who were all from his hometown, North Carolina.

For some, it was not only their first time performing at a major New York City venue, but it was their first time in New York City — period. And after their jokes on male rompers, the difference between New Yorkers and Southerners in how they tell stories or R&B singers and their sidechicks, they each took the time to thank their friend for allowing them to grace the stage.

So, who is the hell Ryan Davis? He’s a funny guy who’s on his way to the top and bringing the homies along for the ride. And like the front of his shirt read, he’s “funnier in person.”

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