Canadian Rap Group Create The Culture Search For a Groove On Their Song ‘On Road’

Canadian rap group Create The Culture, or CTC, want to spread love with their music.
Creating The Culture CTC

Canadian rap group Create The Culture, or CTC, is a crew coming through with a clear message of love.

The four-man group comprised of Ace,  Kaiba, Pascal and bkFire all come from different walks of life — and countries — but are now based in Canada. And they have one goal in mind: “Spreading the culture of Love, Loyalty, Crew-Love, Self-Expression and crushing through all of the Egoic [sic] bullsh-t of envy and jealousy,” read a press statement from the group. “Our mission is to spread love, vibes, inspire and create dope music for ourselves and our fans!”

Their track “On Road” doesn’t start off strong but as the 3:51-song goes on, the group seems to find a groove that works. But the group still has a long way to go before getting on the same caliber of other up-and-coming artists in the genre. Check out Create The Culture’s “On Road” below.

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